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Do you:
-- need an effective induction programme for your organisation?
--have thousands of staff to train in a new policy or initiative or you have a new IT system being rolled out across your company?
--want an effective way of training your staff or customers in your products or services| more


Staff training in the business environment presents its own challenges: high staff turnover, speed to market, distributed and diverse workforces, developments in technology, new legislation, demanding customers and increased competition.
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Developing elearning modules in areas as diverse as Ethical Leadership, Influencing Skills, Organisational induction programmes, Project Management Software,and High-Performance Teams, our instructional designers, graphic artists and programmers work either directly with organisations, or as a development partners with third parties to produce elearning programmes on any subject.
Elearning helps meet Training and development challenges head-on by providing:

::flexibllity around shifts and peak trading
::24/7 access to training
::job specific, relevant training
::consistent training messages
::self-paced learning
::assessment, tracking and effective management
:: a sustainable training resource

The Learner Plus Advantage:

:: advice you can trust
:: knowledge and experience you can share
:: professionalism you can rely on
:: creativity and flexibility you can appreciate
:: cost effectiveness you can value


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